• Never mind public transport, bicycle lanes or elegant architectures. What really determines how cities look and move is their parking rules.

    The Economist, April 2017

  • Our Offering

    Rules & Restrictions

    Am I allowed to park here? How long can I stay without being fined? We take the complexity out of city parking policies and deliver context-aware parking information for your customers.


    Realtime Availability

    We combine predictive models with real-time data from crowd-sensing applications to provide highly accurate availabilty information.

    Parking-Search Time

    How long do I look for a parking spot? Are there better options off-street?

  • Team

    We make parking better

    Christian Adelsberger

    Founder & CEO

    Gerhard Liebmann

    Head of Software Development

    Nilüfer Cipa

    Head of GIS

    Ivan Kasanicky

    Head of Data Science

    Maja Pavlin

    GIS Expert

    Kathrin Karer

    GIS Expert

    Maryam Koulaei

    GIS Expert

    Borbála Burgundi

    GIS Expert

    Ákos Polgár

    Software Developer

    Peter Pollak

    Android Developer

    Maximilian Mayer Business Development

    Pietro Vismara

    Full Stack Developer

    Eko Supardjo

    Software Developer

    János Tordai

    Data Scientist

    Yuri Lifanov

    Data Scientist

    Soyol Altantsetseg

    GIS Expert

    Bernadette Czerniak

    GIS Expert

    Magdalena Koubek

    GIS Expert

    Johanna Falkensteiner

    GIS Expert

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  • Awards and Backers

    Mobile Monday Innovation Award 

    Backed by

    Pioneers Ventures

    Forbes Austria

    Die Presse

    Backed by A1 Telekom Austria

    SIINDA Startup Award 2015

    Nr. 1 Research Project Wirtschaftsagentur

    Pitch im Paternoster Crowd Award

    Backed by

    Austria Wirtschaftsservice


    Award 2016

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    Parkbob GmbH

    Treustraße 22-24

    1200, Vienna



    Phone: +43 1 3321771

    E-Mail: hi@parkbob.com